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Group News


Our Nature Materials paper is available online! "Phonon-induced diamagnetic force and its effect on the lattice thermal conductivity"


Congratulations Kevin! one of the three winners at the MOMENTUM forum for his work on first-principles calculations of electronic mobilities in 2D materials.


Oscar and Prof. Windl's work in methyl-terminated germanane in collaboration with Prof. Goldberger was published in Nature Communications! 

Previous work in 2D materials germanane and silicane resulted in 2 ACS Nano and 1 J. Appl. Phys. with a predicted germanane electronic mobility of 18000 cm2/Vs.


Nik was awarded a DOE Nuclear Energy University Program graduate fellowship!! Congratulations Nik! 


Congratulations Rohan for winning best poster award at the IMR materials week!


Patrick's LAADF poster won an award for best poster in the physical science category at M&M! 


Congratulations Nik for winning the Undergraduate Award in the 2011 DOE Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research Competition for his groundbreaking work on the simulation of the properties of the high-temperature phase of metallic uranium fuel! 


Rohan's poster at the MRS Spring Meeting got nominated!

Congratulations Nik for winning the Mars G. Fontana Award given to an "outstanding senior scholar conducting research in metallurgy"

Congratulations Logan for winning the Department Chair's award given to an "outstanding senior scholar in the Materials Science and Engineering program"

Logan is the 2nd place winner in the Engineering division at 2011 Denman!

Congratulations Logan for winning a prestigious DOE Office of Science Graduate Fellowship!" 


Logan won best poster award in his division at the TMS 2011 annual meeting!

Congratulations Harish for winning best poster award in the Engineering category at the prestigious Hayes Graduate Forum! Awesome job guys!


Congratulations Rohan and Josh for winning best poster awards at the IMR Materials week!


Congratulations Rohan for passing candidacy exam!


Congratulations Nik!
Nik has been accepted for the second time as one of 9 MRSEC REU students for 2009-10. The competition this time was very serious, excellent job!


Congratulations Anupriya for passing candidacy exam!


Congratulations Nik!
Nik's Antolin poster on Modelling of extended defects in SrTiO3 was adjudged as the best poster amongst some very tough competition at today's MRSEC REU Poster competition.