Welcome to Professor Wolfgang Windl's Research Group!

Dr. Wolfgang Windl works primarily in the area of Nanoscale Computational Materials Science. 
His field of expertise is in the area of atomistic simulations, especially within density-functional theory.
He's interested on nanostructured interfaces and molecule-surface interactions of semiconductor device systems

Main research areas include:
Software developed by this group is available at Atomistic 
Nanostructured Interfaces 
Sub-Microscopic Precipitation of Dopants in Nanoscale Electronic Devices 
Molecular Devices 
Nanoscale Electronic Theory of Mechanical Behavior 
Influence of Radiation Damage on Semiconductor Properties 
Formation of Metallic Glasses 

Contact information: 
Dr. Wolfgang Windl 
The Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering. 
The Ohio State University 
491 Watts 
2041 College Rd. 
Columbus, OH 43210-1178 
Phone: (614)-247-6900